The World is Full of Hype

Like any discerning entrepreneur, you want to work with professionals. How do leaders decide who to work with and how do they adjust when a partnership goes wrong? Download the podcast that gets top influencers to reveal the secrets that allow them to succeed. Then learn from the story of their worst mistake. Click here to... Continue Reading →

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Partnerships That Leave a Legacy – David Green Founder & CEO of Hobby Lobby

  What do you do when you feel like the black sheep of the family? Once you achieve success, how do you avoid the trap of pride? CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby, David Green, sits down to talk about his new book Giving It All Away…and Getting It All Back Again, his Supreme Court battle and... Continue Reading →

How to Choose Referral Partners – John Corcoran

John Corcoran, founder of Smart Business Revolution, runs several successful business. How does this self-proclaimed recovering attorney and former Clinton White House aide decide which programs to promote or partner with? What does he look for? How does he pick good programs? After going it alone, John has partnered with Dr. Jeremy Weisz to form Rise... Continue Reading →

The Man Behind Big Success – Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison, co-founder of the National Publicity Summit in New York City, shares his secrets. On this episode of Vetting the Hype, Steve gives insight into how he chooses programs and partners. Creating a successful company with a world-wide reputation for integrity doesn't happen overnight. What questions does Steve ask before bringing other programs to... Continue Reading →

German Fashion Icon Vetts With His Gut- Ulrich Kellerer

On this episode of Vetting the Hype, Ulrich Kellerer shares his story of reinventing himself. How does a successful German fashion broker go from clothing Hollywood's elite to becoming an author on the cover of Richard Branson's book? Find out here. Click here to get Mikale Erhart's new single, Alive for You, available on iTunes.   

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